30 Day Minimalist Challenge

It’s time to play the minimalist game!! or challenge - this game is based on the game introduced by The Minimalists (Josh and Ryan). This version of the challenge differ a little, so for those who can't seem themselves throwing 20 items on the 20th of June, they can just throw one item. You can either play the original game, or our version of the game (the Minimalists' yogi)

Here is The Minimalists version

With your minimalists challenge buddy, on the first day of the challenge you must get ride of one item, two items on second day, three items on the third day and so-when you reach the 30 day mark you get rid of thirty items. The beauty of the challenge is that it does not have to be only clothes, but everything is open to being thrown away ( clothes, furniture, electronic, tools, papers, books, decoration etc…). How younger rid of the time is completely up to you, you can either donate it, sell it or throw in the trash.

How you choose to get rid of the item is up to you, but it the item (s) must leave the house by the end of the day.

If you are doing the challenge with another person, whoever keeps going the longest wins the challenge. If you both keep it going, you both win. If you are doing it by yourself, I’d recommend treating yourself, perhaps not purchasing something that doesn’t add value to your life, but maybe buying yourself a latte or something that allows you to recognize the work and effort you put into the challenge.

The Minimalists' Yogi rules ….

If you don’t think you have more than 30 times and can’t see yourself being fully committed to getting ridof items according to each day of the month, here is a simplified version. For each day of the month you will get rid of one item, on day two instead of getting ride of two items you can get ride of only one item and the same applies for each of the days until the 30th of the month. By the end of the month you should have gotten rid of 30 items. You can get rid of anytime, it does not have to be clothes only, but anything!!!! that doesn't add value to your life. How you decide to get rid of the item is completely up to you (sell, donate or trash). Here is the catch, for the next 30 days you will have only 20 items in your closet that you will be wearing (10 items less. While you have only 20 articles of clothes you will be wearing during this month, you can have as many shoes as you want. Rule number three, each day I will post a challenge on the Instagram page that you must follow, the challenge will be designed in a way to add value to your life and help you with minimizing your lifestyle (i.e. media purge, unfollowing, not spending money a day, No Media for a day, etc….). At the end of the month you should be able to have 30 less items in your house, 30 new habitsand 20 items that you have worn for a month and hopefully have a greater appreciation for.

Whether you win or you lose, I’d love to hear about your game on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. #20challenge #30daychallenge #minimalistchallenge #theminimalistsyogichallenge

Photo by: MELODY JOY CO / IG @melodyjoyco

Photo by: MELODY JOY CO / IG @melodyjoyco