Minimalist Guide: Working at home Productivity

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Most jobs I've had so far involved getting out of the house, from teaching to working in the retail industry, I was expected to leave the house at a certain time in the morning and return at certain time of the day. But recently working as a researcher I found myself getting most of my work done at home, since writing a literature review or work plan for a new project can easily be done at the conform of my home (even bedroom) with internet access and Mac Book. Having access to my personal email makes it even more easier to connect with my project manger in a matter of minutes without even leaving my bedroom.

Working from home has its ups and down - one of the perks of working from home is that you can working in your PJs and take power naps if you need be. But with that also comes the downsides of being able to work in your PJs - the temptation to check your Facebook, stream the latest episode of Game of Throne, or Instagram page is an ever issue you have to deal with. Its easy to lose motivation as well as a result of working from home, you have no one to talk to face-to-face, aside from emailing or texting.

 But it doesn't have to be all hopeless because I think if you're self-disciplined, working from home can be the best thing because you get to structure your day, when you start and when you stop working.

Down below are my five tips for being productive if you work from home

1. It's just another job: Whether you're planning on staying in all day or not, treat working from home just like another job - set a time that you wake up and start working. Establish a morning routine that doesn't involve jumping right into work, but having an hour or two to do your regular morning routine, including taking a shower and changing out of your pajamas. My uniform is yoga leggings and comfortable top. Since I usually wake up at 7 or 6:30 am, I usually don't get start working until 8 or 9 am.

2. Clutter space means cluttered mind: Establishing a minimalists work space or desk is essential. Since minimalism is having the essential things in your life, the same logic applies to my work space. Everything I have on my desk are the things I need to write, which often consists of my laptop, Microsoft Word, notepad, and a good internet connection. Figure what you need to get your work done and eliminate all the other non-essential.

3. Minimize social media distraction: Social media distraction is something that everyone struggle with - working from home makes the distraction even more greater because you have no one looking over your shoulder. So you have to find ways to minimize those distraction. There are few ways to minimize social media distraction: (i) put your phone on silent and resist the urge to check texts or missed calls; (ii) don’t check any social media; (ii) close out your email window so new mail notifications don’t pull you away from the task at hand; and (v) down social media blocker from the app store.

4. Get out of the house: Getting out of the house is essential! most of the time this involves going to a coffee shop and getting all or most of my work done. There are days where I find that I'll get more work done at a coffee shop than at home, so whenever I find that I am not getting that much work done at home, I drop by favorite coffee shop and get all the work done there.

5. Know its time to call it a day: One of the biggest mistake I made at the start of working from home is not having a establish time of the day when I stop working. One key thing to remember if you work from home is to not make it into a habit of working until mid-night every night. Since I am not owl by nature, I usually stop working around 8 or 9pm. I find that trying to get anything done after 8 leads to nowhere -in my experience it's impossible to get any productive work done after 9pm. Schedule a time that you call it a quits and start again after you've catch some sleep.