Challenge 20: 20 Items for 2 months

Back in January I decided to whittle down my wardrobe to 20 items - inspired by Project 333, instead of having 33 items for 3 months I decided to go with 20 items for 2 months. My decision to have only 20 items instead of 33 items because I knew that 33 items was more than I actually need given that I don't actual wear 99% of the clothes in my closet. At first my closet looked bare, simple and and inspiring at the same time. There was also a sense of relief at the same time, it felt like a weight was left off my shoulder. So for a period of at least two months I wore the same clothes, over and over again.

At first I was nervous - I knew wearing the same items for 2 months was not going to be easy. However, since I didn't wear a considerable number of my clothes I knew I had nothing to lose from the experience, regardless of what happen it was going to be a learning experience. In the period of the two months I donated three items of clothes that were a part of the 20 items - which was replaced by a shirt that I purchased - while starting with 20 items, I ended the challenge with 18 items. What I didn't expect from doing this challenge was how much I was going to learn and grow from the experience.


Listed below are my top 4 lesson or take away from the challenge 20

Wardrobe anxiety - I remember waking up in the morning and having to anxiety abut deciding which items to wear. Sometimes I spend 10 minutes deciding which item to wear, only to spend another 10-20 minutes deciding I didn't like what I pick. The Tyranny of choice often results in me feeling self-defeat and saying I have nothing to wear. However, with 20 items the old saying of "I have nothing to wear" was never a thing I had to struggle with in the morning. With little stress over deciding what to wear I saved some much time in the morning.

Increase Creativity - one of the biggest concern I had going into the challenge was my fear that I was going to end up wearing the same thing, and get bored - however the amazing thing is that having only 20 items allowed me to be creative with my clothes.  Combing different clothes together to ensure that I am able to wear the same shirt from day time to night time.

Letting Go - The one thing that I was surprise by was how easy overtime it was for me to let go of the items that I didn't add to the list of the 20items - even items that were part of the 20items.

Being in A rut is possible - thinking I had only 20 items I wasn't going to find myself in the same rut that I had when I had more than 20 items. However, within two weeks I found that I was wearing the same items, so instead of 20 itemsI had 4-5 staples pieces that I wore all the time. I found this interesting because I think it shows that regardless of how much clothes you have - it's so easy to find yourself in that rut and have that moment of I have nothing to wear.

Continuing with this challenge for this month instead of 20 items I've decided to go with only 15 items - the experience so far has been less challenging than it was when I started it in January with 20 items. Moving forward I think I would actually like to have less than 15 items if possible.