Post Ayurvedic Cleanse

It’s naturally that after the reset your first instinct is to go out for celebratory pizza, burger or wine. But avoid if possible because it could shock your system and undo all the hard work. Continue the reset for couple of days after you finish the plan, so go easy on your body and mind as you transition back to your regular routine. To allow for a safe transition, for 2-3 days post the reset follow the following rules to ensure long-term benefits:

·            Eat Cooke foods, as they are easy to digest particularly during vata season  of later fall

·            Avoid heavy food that require more digestive energy – red meat, hard cheese, and pastas

·            Drink warm lemon water in the morning to stay hydrated.

·            Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night

·            Make your way back to regular routine slowly