Style Focus: Shay Ishola - Fashionista, blogger and yoga instructor

Ottawa-based Shay (@oluwa1oseyi) is not only a fashionista– but also a yoga instructor, fashion assistant, blogger, and content creator who finds a way of pulling together outfits that feel as dynamics as she is. Shay and I met informally back in Ottawa while I was working at the clothing store Zara through one of my co- workers. While I admired her rad style and upbeat personality every time she stopped by the store to talk to one of my co-workers, I never had a chance to actually compliment her. So, when the idea of integrating fashion into the blog came up, I knew I had to have her on the blog. Ahead, she talks about her fashion inspiration, how she got into fashion, how she got into yoga and how she remains authentic with her style.

If you could use one word to describe your style, what word would that be? and why? 

Eclectic. My style is elastic; I like to dabble in new things.

How did you get did you get into fashion?

I guess I could say I've always been into fashion. I remember being back home in Houston, watching fashion shows on TV with my dad and being so into it thinking to myself; if only I was creative enough to be a designer.

Who is (are) your style icon (s)?

I'd say Grace Jones and Erykah Badu

How do you remain authentic in your style?

 I allow it to evolve and change as needed. 

What's your favor place to travel? What is it about _______(favorite place to travel) that makes you love it so much?

 I love to travel. I had the most inspiring time in Istanbul, Turkey last year. It reminded me so much of being back in Lagos, Nigeria. I loved how easy it was to relate to the local people. I was incredibly obsessed with the fact that wherever I went, I got offered coffee (as a junkie). Loved the little street markets and lol everyone was always trying to negotiate prices.

How has your travel experience influence your style? 

Traveling expands your point of view. It enables you to view the world from a different perspective. Traveling is also a way to rekindle hope; you start to see how people from different parts of the world do things in certain ways. From traveling, I've grown to love colors. It's how I now see the world and I express it not only in my clothes but also in my ever changing hair color lol.

Where do you look for inspiration? 

My roots!, street-style, and travels.

What drew you to yoga? How much does your practice influence your lifestyle?

Modeling got me into yoga. It was the way to stay lean and fit but then I truly fell in love with yoga after a year of casual practice. Yoga makes me more fluid and with fluidity comes openness. Mentally, and physically. And as strange as it feels to me sometimes to step out of my comfort zone, I've reached a point in my life where I'm willing because I never know what's waiting for me on the other side. 

What does minimalism means or look like to you? Do you consider your self to be a minimalist (why or why not)?

To me, minimalism means clarity; intentionality. To intentionally live only with things that are actively adding value to my life. And this is not just externally but internally as well. I think it's also a journey. For this reason, I'd say I do consider myself on the journey to becoming one. It's almost like as I age, I become more aware and I only want to live with and do the things that are positive in action. 

You seem to have locked down your style, what advice or tip would you give to someone who struggling to find their style?

Think of it as a way to present yourself how you want to be perceived. Think of it as expressing yourself to the point where I feel so at peace with myself. Think less of it as trying to look like the people you follow on social media; that clouds your good judgment a lot of time, at least in my opinion.

Where do you find your calm? 

The Bible and yoga.

You can find more of Shay and inspiration on her Instagram and blog.